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Or as many call me, Liz.

I'm currently a junior at Carnegie Mellon University studying Decision Science and Human Computer Interaction and am pursuing a minor in Design. I am passionate about designing with empathy, creating easily understandable, enjoyable, and innovative designs that truly impact and improve the lives of users. To do this, I try to listen, embrace new perspectives, and challenge myself to create things that seeks to explore unique experiences and improve my design capabilities.


A Bit About Me

In my free time, I like to doodle and experiment both digitally and with sketches (currently really into flowy textures and abstract art), trim my bangs, eat fruits while watching TV shows, munch on some salt and vinegar/pickle chips, and sift through my Spotify playlists. I also love meeting new people, so let's connect! 

A Few Things I Believe In

🏫 Teaching + Empowerment: I believe that teaching is the root of all good. Only with good mentors + an excellent education system can the future generation excel. 

🌱 Life Ideology: My first job was at a healthcare + daycare center that took care of children with mental and physical disabilities. From then on, I developed a love for children and a motto to be patient with everyone.

🧍‍♀️ People: The navigation of relationships + decisions is always a wonder to me. How do people think and why?

Currently Doing

📚 Currently Reading: Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

💭 Currently Thinking: How do businesses make profitable business decisions while balancing user centered design?


Product Design Intern @ PLUS, Personalized Learning Squared

May 2023 - Present

UI/UX Design Intern @ Biomotivate

March 2022 - October 2022

Co-VP of Events @ User Experience Association

June 2023 - Present

Head of Design to Head of Product Studio @ Carnegie Mellon Business Technology Group

February 2022 - Present

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